LingQ Importer function

Since yesterday, when I tried to use Chrome Importer, only a part of titles I gave by myself were shown in the part: “import to”. Today is so, too. Until two days ago, all my titles were shown. Is that a failure of the Importer?
It is very difficult to use. It would be better when it would be fixed.
Thank you for your great appli LingQ.

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Same experience here. Some course name disappear but luckily contents in that course remain.

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Thanks for reporting the issue. Our team is looking into it.

Yes, same experience here. Not working for about 1.5 days. I’m using FireFox. The importer icon doesn’t work and neither does manual import. The icon has turned black. It’s normally blue.

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Same here. I’m using FireFox (just updated to the most recent version), and the blue icon has turned black.

We have submitted and we will release the new Firefox extension soon. Just make sure to install the latest version.

Thank you Zoran. Please announce when it’s ready.

I’ve not used the Firefox before. I’m using Chrome. When the button: import to is clicked, only some titles I’ve named before are shown. I can import to the LingQ, but the function is very inconvenient.

⇒ The problem is corrected. Just a small thing!

Oh good. I was wondering why my Firefox extension was not working and had even disappeared from the Mozilla add-ons store. Looking forward to the new version. Please keep us posted when it is released. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Good to hear. Please add me to the list of people wanting to know when it is available.