LingQ importer extension for firefox was taken down

I went to import and it just will not work. So I went to delete it and reinstall but the page, the for-sure-right-page, says

If you’ve followed a link from another site for an extension or theme, that item is no longer available. This could be because:

  • The developer removed it. Developers commonly do this because they no longer support the extension or theme, or have replaced it.
  • Mozilla removed it. This can happen when issues are found during the review of the extension or theme, or the extension or theme has been abusing the terms and conditions for The developer has the opportunity to resolve the issues and make the add-on available again.

So what happened? Is it possibly something to do with the new update? Or another glitch?

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Sorry about that. We have some issues with Firefox at the moment, but our developers are on it and we expect to deal with this situation soon.

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LingQ Firefox extension is now available again. Thanks for your patience!

Doesn’t work now - It worked a couple weeks ago, now it’s broken (??) in Chrome and Firefox

What exactly doesn’t work for you? What you tried and couldn’t import? I tested on my end now and was able to import without problem.

Thanks for the reply. It works as long as there are subtitles/captions - thanks for the response.