LingQ Import Problem

Although I tried the extension in the link below for a few days, I kept getting “Error: Sorry! It looks like this page can’t be imported. Please try another site or page.” error.
I would be very grateful if you could take care of the problem.

Link:Manuskript | Lehrermangel in Deutschland | DW Deutsch Lernen

Were you able to import from that source before?

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Hi guys wath is the matter

I have not tried it before, but I have seen playlists and tutorials created by others from this source.But normally I thought extentsion works on every site.

Though I have never used it myself, I have seen numerous playlists and guides compiled from it. But normally I thought extentsion works on every site.

Do you know which ones you see created by others? Could be they imported from youtube. Or they created the lessons manually.

You could do that with this one. Import the manuscript (select the text and then import it). Then record the audio (audacity or a web browser extension) and upload that. Possibly there’s a way to grab the video if you wanted that too, but I’m not sure how to do that.

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I didn’t know that I could import only by selecting the text.I tried the method you said and this is enough for me for now thanks.

Wath is the problem here ???