LingQ idea- not sure if it's already in place or possible to be worked on?

Some people might already have known words that they’ve gotten from other sources before they came on to LingQ. Is there any future now or in the future that would allow us to click on a word in an article outside of LingQ and automatically add it to our known words across LingQ?

I’ve tried the LingQ extension, but not sure if it works in regards to be able to add new words.

new KNOWN words

Hi Cehralina,
LingQ Chrome extension is exactly what you need. You can import text from web into LingQ or, you can stay on the site you are on and create LingQs and review yellow LingQs on the page. Like on LingQ you can mark words as Known and Ignored as well. After you start LingQ Chrome extension, select “LingQ Here” option and that’s it.
Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Thanks that definitely helps :slight_smile: