Lingq has stopped counting my read words

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I’m using lingq to study Japanese. I’m reading a book (mainly on the android app) and it was counting the read words just fine. But the last few days it hasn’t been counting any more. It’s a bit o a bummer. Although the stats are not the most important the gamification was adding a little extra motivation in the mix. Is this something that can be fixed?

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Hi Sven. Are you sure that you have completed a lesson? Please note that words of reading and listening time will increase automatically only when you complete a lesson, so if you haven’t completed it, that’s why your stats haven’t changed.


I think another thing I’ve noticed (not 100% sure) is if you back into the lesson after completing it, click to the start and read again, you won’t get the “complete lesson” option again. You have to completely back out of the lesson and go back in.

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Ah yeah I see stopped just short of the end. That fixes it. Thanks for the quick reply!