LingQ has been lying to me : 'You know 3349 chinese words!'

I found out today that LingQ includes words of all statuses (new, cant remember, not sure etc) in the vocab count in the top banner.
I don’t know 3349 chinese words. I have 3349 LingQs, and 651 lingQs that I have set as “known words”.

This is misleading, and I wonder if it is deliberetly so to make users feel good about a rapidly increasing vocab count?
I hope this can be addressed - either make it obvious that this number is a user’s lingQ count, or change the number to accurately reflect a user’s progress in their known vocabulary.

That is actually not the case. Your Known Words include the LingQs you have set to status 4 or √ along with all blue words you moved to known without making LingQs out of them. Status 1 to 3 LingQs are not included. The fact that your two numbers coincide above is just coincidence.


Hi Mark, thanks for your reply.

Does this mean there is a ghost list of words that LingQ knows I “know” that I can’t access?

On the Vocabulary tab, you will only see the words you have saved as LingQs (yellow words). They will be included in the Known Words stats when they reach status 4 (or checkmark). However, there are also words you made known directly in a lesson without saving them as yellow first (blue to white). That’s why your Known Words total does not match with the Known Words listed on the Vocabulary page.
A list of all Known Words isn’t available.

Yes, there is such a list and it has never been accessible but in our new beta version LingQ 5.0 it will be available per lesson.

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