LingQ Hangouts keeps disconnecting

How do I keep Google+ LingQ Hangouts from disconnecting during a Hangout? What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions are appreciated.

I did my first LingQ Hangout in Spanish after receiving an email about LingQ Hangouts. Even though I have not actively studied Spanish for over two years, I was amazed at how much of the discussion I understood. I hope to attend the French Hangout later today to see how much French I can understand. I am concentrating on German right now while trying to maintain some French. Are any Hangouts planned for German in the future?

Thanks, Steve, for organizing these Hangouts.

Thanks for participating. I do not know why these technical problems happen. I am having enough trouble with google+ hangouts as it is!!

Steve: Please excuse the double posting on this. I should not have mentioned it in my other post. I appreciate your responses. It may be a Google+ issue. Reconnecting is not that difficult.

Thanks again for hosting the Hangouts. I enjoyed them.