LingQ glitches that would be nice to be fixed soon

When you import a lesson into a course, you have to open the lesson every time, if you don’t the course disappears until you import another lesson to it and open that one.

Occasionally, but almost always in novels specifically in French like the Jules Verne ones already on here, you can’t lingq words that have an apostrophe in them.

On mobile you usually, if not always, cannot make a lingq with a word that is in the last line on the page.

Clicking “x” on a blue word to make it not count will occasionally make a lingq that you will find days, weeks, or months later without any definition, solution is to just click the cancel button next to the numbers on the right to make it not a lingq anymore.

Will these be fixed on the upcoming update?

Thanks, we will look into this. Are you interested to join the beta and use LingQ 5.0 right away to test all these reported stuff there? If so, please message me on support(at) for instructions on how to join the beta.

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