LingQ forum page in Mobile Safari starts AppStore app automatically

Every time I load a LingQ forum page in Mobile Safari on my iPhone, the Apple AppStore app is started automatically to show me some gaming or dating apps. Maybe some ads on the forum pages behave that badly.

Very annoying.

@nd71 - Hmm, that’s a very strange issue. Is it related to some of the specific ads that are displaying? I agree this is very annoying, and certainly not intentional! It would be helpful if you would take a screenshot of the ad that is showing when this happens so that we might be able to track this down and prevent these from showing.

Some ad is opening another webpage, does 2 or 3 redirects, and finally opens the AppStore app showing me dating apps or silly games. It’s impossible to track the web addresses, but is one.

In fact, I will stop reading the LingQ forum on my iPhone, and this makes LingQ (again, after these still unreadable captchas) more and more unattractive…

@nd71 - Thanks for the additional information. We’ll take a closer look into this and see what we can figure out!

@nd71 - I took a further look into this, and it appears this is related to the types of ads that are displaying for Free members. This isn’t something that is specific to LingQ, but rather something that you may (unfortunately) experience on other sites too that are displaying the same ads.

If you notice this happening, please go back to Safari and try to take a screenshot of the ads that are showing, as this might help us track down and block these specific advertisers.