LingQ formatting error

Hi, i was usign this LingQ: Login - LingQ
and the word highlighted there, “kai” and the next, “gen” is incorrectly formatted as two separate words when they are one word “kegen”. Is there a way to edit the lingq or if not how do I get this fixed? I just started using this site and this is really freaking discouraging.

Edit: and continuing to use it, there are actually quite a few strange formatting errors aside from that one…

If you simply select/highlight (drag over) the two characters together 怪 and 訝, you will see the dictionary hint: (けげん) dubious, puzzled, suspicious etc.

If you double-click on characters or words in lessons, you will often see other words/phrases available to choose to make LingQs from.

Alternatively, you can drag your mouse over two or more characters, or drag to the end of a phrase, to form and LingQ your own words or phrases.

For example, the two separate words appearing next to each other: 人工(じんこう)” artificial, man-made, human skill” and 知能(ちのう)” brain, intellect” can be selected together (drag mouse) to make 人工知能(じんこうちのう)”artificial intelligence”.

If on occasion you have unwanted or gobbledygook Kanji or Hiragana forming part of your new selection (but otherwise make sense when combined), simply choose the “ignore word” option/button for the individual part.

Japanese LingQ has come a huge way in the last few years. It won’t take long to get used to this much improved interface ( ͡° ͜ʖ͡°)

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Thanks for your help

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Sorry, but is there a way to correct the furigana then?

If you’re referring to the blanket Asian script setting option available across the board, “correcting” would be impossible, given that characters’ readings can vary depending on the context of the individual lesson. Even Google Translate can’t get their readings for Kanji and Hanzi perfect every time. Most of the time the furigana is useful, but it doesn’t bother me when it isn’t; you soon get a feel for what the correct reading is.