LingQ forces into Portrait mode on Android Tablets after latest update

After update 5.5.8 (423) both my Samsung Tab S4 (Android v. 10) and my Samsung Tab S8 Ultra (Android v. 13) are forced into Portrait mode when I open LingQ. (No problems with other Apps). I have tried several things and even reinstalled LingQ. This must be a bug I hope. I am now back to old days where I invested in an Ipad to be able to use LingQ well. (Can you imagine using a Tab S8 Ultra in Portrait mode?)
I sincerely hope this can be solved quickly.
Greetings from a usually very happy user of the Android App.

Thanks for reporting. We will look into it.

I checked this with our developers and please note that the landscape mode has been disabled temporarily due to existing issues that need a bit more time to fix. We will do our best to have it solved as soon as possible.

Is version 5.5.8 available for everyone yet? I cannot see any updates in the Play Store. I am on Galaxy A33 and Tab S6, but the latest version I can see dates back to 20th April.

Thanks Zoran. Good to get an explanation.

Yes, should be available to everyone. What version are you on?

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Android 12 and 13.

I have auto updates turned on, but still no updates available for Lingq.

Both devices are still on version 5.5.5

Thanks, I’ll check that.