LingQ for Windows Phone

Hello. I saw, that android and iOS have lingQ. But why Windows Phone haven’t it? Will you make this function for the Windows phone some day?

I wanna buy account plus or premium for a month and i hoped, that i’ll use LingQ with my phone, but probably, i will not do it. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in this as well.

We created iPhone and Android apps because these are by far the largest segments of smartphone users. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to build apps for all phones. If Windows Phone gains in popularity, this may be something we can look at in the future. However, for now we don’t have plans to add a Windows Phone app. Sorry about that.

Now that Windows Phone 8 is gaining is popularity, I was just wondering if Lingq would reconsider adding an app. I’d definitely use it!

@cmcparland - We don’t have any plans yet, but other users are welcome to create their own apps using our API :slight_smile: