LingQ for groups

This is a an exciting development! And I really like the graphic in the email.

I have some teacher friends who are interested in using LingQ in their classrooms. Could you repeat the information from the above mentioned announcement here? Or should they just email you for more information?

Just have them send us an email and we’d be happy to talk to them about this :slight_smile:

Thanks for talking up LingQ, Jingle! We hope we can work with them.

You’re welcome. I have spent this week at NTPRS, the National TPR Storytelling Conference for language teachers, where most everyone “gets” the idea of comprehensible input and where reading is really in the spotlight.

I would love to attend this kind of conference.

I’m sure you’d be welcome, including as a vendor. It takes place every year in July. This year it’s in Las Vegas.And the audience is beginning to be international. This year there are people here from the Netherlands, Singapore, Panama…