LingQ for German/English, Practice/Improve on WhatsApp

I have realized that having a Spanish/English group that I joined last week has been useful. As I can’t find one for German. I am creating one. All are welcome. I personaly am new at German.

I don’t have a smartphone, so I can’t use WhatsApp.

I think there is a computer version.

whatsapp does have a Web version but I had to connect my ID to a phone. I don’t know if the computer version requires the same

Can I come to the group? Thanks

I found a way how you can activate a phone number for free and then use that to use as your number in Whatsapp so you recieve a txt on it to activate and then you are good to go

Yes, of course. Please do join us. All are welcome to do so.

Is this group still active? I would love to join if so

Yes, please do join us.

Hi everyone! Great Idea! I am not a native speaker of German but I have been living here in Germany for three years so I could help you in many lanuages cases :slight_smile: I would like to master my English in this group.

You are welcome to join us. We have people who have varying different levels of ability.