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I’ve been trying to use the flashcards on the front page of LingQ, but the hint won’t show up on the back. I’ve tried changing the flashcard settings, refreshing the page, restarting my computer, changing the language, and deleting my cookies, but nothing seems to help. Any suggestions?

Hi there,

I assume you are using Firefox, yes? There’s a bug that is preventing the hint from appearing properly in Firefox. We have this bug on our list and hope to have it fixed soon, but in the meantime this should be working on all other browsers (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

No, I’m using Chrome, but hopefully fixing the bug for Firefox will help.

Just a thought here - have you guys ever filed a bug report to firefox to get this fixed? That’s a possibility.

@Arimaz - Actually, it appears the issue in Firefox has been resolved. Try refreshing the Vocabulary page to see if that helps.

@Imyirtseshem - I changed my wording – It wasn’t an issue that the Firefox team had produced, but one on our end that seemed to be specific to Firefox :slight_smile:

It still isn’t working.

I am in Firefox and the Hint was not showing up in my LingQs of the day. I refreshed the page where the Flash Cards opened up and that solved the problem. In case that helps.

Try clearing your cache as well, as sometime Chrome doesn’t refresh fully.

If that still doesn’t work, then some more information from you would be most helpful:
Your operating system
Which version of Chrome you are using
If it’s for all of your LingQs/languages or just some

Does anything happen when you toggle the “Hint” setting back and forth on the front of the card?

I’ve posted it on the other thread, but here again: I got the email but when I click on the Link to review them I get the first 25 of my LingQs in alphabetical order instead of the LingQs that are on my list.

Sorry, yes, it still isn’t working correctly. The cards are opening but not showing the right terms. We will get this fixed.

@alex Clearing the cache worked. Thank you!

Excellent :slight_smile:

@steve Wow! Really worked for me as well!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas to all