LingQ flashcards approach?


How should flashcards be reviewed?

Maybe there is not an exact way, but what does the LingQ method recommend, my default was setup to show the spanish word on the front, which I am learning, and English on the back, so I was trying to figure out what the spanish word meant. Isn’t this Steve’s method? Because as you are going along reading let’s say a text from a language you are learning you are trying to figure out and remember the words? And then they eventually stick! Or…

…when doing flashcards should you see your native language and then try and translate in to your target language?

Ok I know they’re May be not an exact way to this but what is the lingq method?? Thanks

Flashcards work both ways, but I focus on learning the other language, so I focus on it. Right now, I am learning Russian. So, I look at the Russian word and then see if I know in English.

I just blogged on this over at my blog. How I study Russian. | luvsiesous

You can review your words on lingq, but wherever you learn your words, make sure you review them every couple of months. Or, however.

If you do not review your ‘flashcards,’ your current words become your active vocabulary, and your old words become inactive vocabulary.

The biggest problem with this is your core vocabulary which you want to become instant recognition words - especially the first thousand words of any language. If you focus upon frequency list words, your first one thousand words make up about 80% of your needed vocabulary.

If you do not keep focusing upon those words as you learn new words, the less frequent words will replace the more frequent words … as that happens, your vocabulary becomes less useful for you …

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Thanks elquero for reply

That’s is very good advice,