Lingq extensions not working

I’m not sure if it’s just my computer. A few days ago I downloaded the latest version of the extension and believe I used it shortly after. Now it’s not working it all. When I try to import from either Netflix or Youtube, it either says that it failed to import or just does nothing.

Anyone else having this problem? Is there a fix for it yet?

Sorry to hear that. Which browser are you using?

I’m using Safari. Just checked it again to make sure it’s still down. When I first attempt to import, it looks normal. The language at the top says “French.” However, after a few seconds, the language line goes blank. When that happens, the import button freezes and nothing more can be done. If I click import before the language line goes blank, then I get an import error. It’s doing the same thing in Youtube as well.

I am getting ‘Import Failed’ notices using Safari on desktop since updating to the new version a couple of days ago. Importing from Safari in iPhone still works.

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@phillipsinfrance Can you please try to reinstall the extension and let me know if that helps?

I did try that before leaving my original comment, but it didn’t work. I will go ahead and try that again just in case.