LingQ extension for chrome linq?

Lingq extension was not working anymore not updationg either and is not accessible from your link or by searching google extenssion store?

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I am not entierly sure what is going on but from the looks of it, a recent update hasn’t gone as planed but the lingq staff are aware of it and working on it.

Sorry about that. The most recent version wasn’t working properly so it was pulled. We should have a new version up sometime soon today.

The new Chrome Extension is now available. You may have to remove and re-install the extension to use it right away. I’m not sure how long Chrome takes to update the extension automatically.

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That was quick Thanks.

Hi Mark, please can you confirm that the extension only has access to the sites listed. Many thanks
Site access This extension can read and change your data on sites. You can control which sites the extension can access. Automatically allow access on the following sites*://**://

The extension can import content from many different sites not just those listed. It accesses the content of the page you are on when you click it.

Hi Support, how long should a user expect to wait before a 10 minute Youtube video is imported? Sorry but I cannot work out if the extension is working. Many thanks

What are you waiting for? Does the lesson not open up?

Well yes, I was waiting and waiting. But now this is working well. It’s a very good tool/resource and something I wish I had used previously.

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