LingQ extension does not work on YouTube

It seems LingQ extension does not work on YouTube now. As I am a Mac user, I tried to import Video from YouTube on Safari and Firefox. However, it did not work on both browser. On the other hand, the extension works well on Netflix.
FYI, the videos I tried to import have English subtitles generated automatically. Previously, I could import those kind of videos.

Firefox extension showed the following message:
Importing failed. Subtitles can’t be used.

Are there any solution?

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Sorry to hear that. YT import seem to work fine on my end. Do you still have the same problem? Can you post a link to one of videos you weren’t able to import?

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Hi Zoran,
Thanks for your reply.
Although I retry to import same videos now, the problem still exists.
Please let me share one of videos I failed to import:

Thanks. I reported the problem to our developers. We will have it fixed.

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Thank you for your swift action. I am looking forward to the revision.

@jun4649 Our developers checked this and they claim the issue is actually with this specific YouTube channel, the subtitles aren’t valid and can’t be processed by our imported. Can you try importing videos from other channel and let me know if it works for you?

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Thanks for the confirmation.

Although I tried on the other channels, it seems that the extension does not work on several channels. The following are the URL I failed to import:

On the other hand, I successfully imported the following one: