LingQ exercises?

I saw a new symbol on the Activity page today, labeled “Exercises”. However, when I clicked on it, there was no activity to show.
Is it possible to add exercises to lessons now? How and where?
Thanks for any explanation,

Yes, exercises can now be added to lessons. You can find them in the same place as Translations, Lesson Notes, etc. at the bottom of the lesson import page.
The reason no activity shows at the moment is that we only added this metric the other day, so any exercises added previously will not show up.

Thank you, Alex!
I have had a look at that tab, but I have no real idea of what kind of exercises I should add. Any suggestions?

No advice from anyone? :frowning:

No advice, but an opinion: if we provide exercises, does that not smack too much of ‘not LingQ’? I would only provide exercises, if they were fun to do (and for the Beg I lessons only).

Then, I think I will avoid providing any exercises… I fear my exercises would be too boring!

So far I haven’t come up with ‘fun’ excercises, either!

I never do exercises. However, some people like them, or do they in fact?

At any rate some most language books offer them. As we go forward with the plan to offer some established language texts in our Store, we needed to make exercises possible.

I wonder how many people want them.

I like (some kind of) exercises (to some extent). For “grammar intense” (or rather “inflection intense”) languages, I think it’s one of the better methods for getting the hang of when to say what and why. Waiting for everything to be sorted out might take longer than doing from well-planned exercises, however boring they may be.

However, I agree that posting a lot of those is a bit contradictional to the LingQ method.

I imagine that doing exercises can be useful. I just wonder if independent learners will do them.

I’m sure there is benefit in doing them. I just CBF. There are many things I could do if I were more ambitious. Do translations, from the target language and into the target language. I think this would be particularly useful once you are at an intermediate/advanced level. But then we have to spend our time doing things we want to do.

Maybe I’ll warm to such exercises once I start Russian (one day) as they might act as a bit of a shortcut.


I think I’m showing my age there.

Peter, wash your keyboard out with soap!

I will, but as hard as I try I can’t wash the Australian out of me :stuck_out_tongue:

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