LingQ email list privacy breach

On April 28 I got an email titled “How Many Words Do You Need To Be Fluent?” from LingQ. It ended up in my spam folder because it was sent with all recipients’ email addresses visible. This is a privacy violation and I have canceled my paid subscription. Who knows if our other data (i.e. credit cards) is secure?

LingQ needs to overhaul its technology system and fix all major problems before I am willing to come back as a paid member.


Thanks for the heads up. Hopefully this will be corrected.

Hopefully? This has to be corrected immediatelly! This is a beginner error and should not happen.

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We are very sorry about this, everyone. We switched to a new email provider which handles emails differently and, unfortunately, in our testing, this issue was missed. The issue was fixed right after we noticed it.
Once again we are very sorry and we will make sure this doesn’t happen again. We do take the security of our user data very seriously.
Thank you for your understanding.

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Maybe you should have reported the problem immediately instead of hoping no one noticed.


The sender should have used BCC instead of TO. He or she should immediately ask us to delete the mail that contains a lot of email addresses of LingQ users. I think we all should delete the mail in our mail programs. When I noticed the accident, I sent a piece of mail about it to the Customer Service. I decided not to delete the mail until they acknowledge what was wrong. I have been expecting a reply.

The sender should have used BCC instead of TO

Be careful with that. There is no guarantee that BCC recpients can’t see each other. It depends on the implementation.