LingQ - Edit 3rd party lessons / phone no youtube miniplayback

Hey. So I have been using LingQ for roughly 3 months by now and I like it a lot. However, LingQ has some missed potential at times. For instance, you can’t really edit lessons much in the phone app.
Also, looking youtube videos looks you into the big render mode without LingQs premium feature, the LingQs, at least on phones.
That would be okay, but you can’t change 3rd party lessons that only have the youtube video and not the audio. My question is, is it possible to make a setting to change 3rd party lessons by giving them audio and of course, is a picture in picture mode possible on phones, tested with android in this case?
Thanks a lot.

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I’ve noticed that Youtube videos do work with sentence mode, on iOS at least. If you hit the “speak sentence” button, it plays the video, and you can subsequently control it by tapping the video. But I agree, the fact that such workarounds are necessary is highly frustrating.