Lingq-ed phrase disappears

in this course

in chrome i made a lingq for that phrase (see picture) but when i turn the page it disappears? (only the first word ist yellow because i made a separate lingq for that as well)
how can i make the whole phrase yellow ?

I was able to reproduce it too, seems like it has something to do with spacing and that number in text. Have you noticed the same problem with any other phrase or is it only this one?
Also, the phrase did got saved, I checked and it is saved on the Vocabulary tab, fyi.

I never really use the Vocabulary tab. So I didn’t look there.
In the Lesson still looks the same as above.
I think it’s because of the number.
Korean has those counting words for different things (people, animals, books, things etc) for example “2 dogs” is written as “dog + 2 + counting word for animals” and when I want to lingq it together with the number it doesn’t work.