Lingq doesn't properly look up words in the dictionary when I click on it

Hello, I’m studying Korean but I feel like Lingq isn’t properly displaying the meaning of unknown words when I click on them, even if it can properly fetch them from Naver dictionary. I’ve been importing things such as subtitles from Youtube, ebooks, and websites. This will happen for conjugated verbs for example, but also for simple nouns as well. For a conjugated verb, when I click the Naver dictionary button, the proper word will pull up even if it isn’t in the normal form. So why doesn’t it work within the Lingq app?

I remember using a past version of Lingq where the dictionary lookup worked much more effectively than now. Is this a bug or how Lingq normally works? I would say 90% of words I try to look up don’t properly appear, even though they can be properly fetched from Naver dictionary when I manually click on the button itself.

Here is a photo of the dictionary not working even with a simple noun. It properly comes up with the Naver lookup, but Lingq can’t do it on the app.
Thanks for any help.

Actually, looks like you had Korean selected both as your study and your dictionary language. That is the reason why you weren’t seeing the translations when you select a word.
I have just changed your dictionary language to English. Please give it another try.