Lingq Developers have taken the app to an altogether other level

First there was transcribing audio. Now there is simplifying text. What an amazing tool is Lingq.


Devs tend to get a lot of criticism and very little positive feedback.
For me the wisper subtitling for videos without subtitles has been a gamechanger.


Glad to hear you feel that way, thanks!


I agree - having Whisper for imported YouTube videos without ready-made subtitles has been a game changer for me, opening up so many new resources (especially for Swedish where I struggled to find compelling content with subtitles), and I’m very appreciative of this addition!

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What’s simplifying text? I’m just starting to experiment with the whisper feature. I’m a big bookworm so I’ve been sticking to books. It seems I can record an anime I’m watching on Crunchyroll using an mp3 recording app and then upload that to Crunchyroll. This would behave been so huge for me back when I was new to learning Japanese :joy:. It’s still cool now too just not as much.

I frequent use lingq and just realized reading you about this option. Time ago if youtube video had no subs cannot import into lingq. When has been introduced this whisper feature?.this is awesome. Thank you very much to LINGQ TEAM for this feature.

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This feature may appear in various places, but I show it here reading a lesson in the browser. From the ellipses third item down: “Simplify Lesson (AI).” Based on my experience with Russian text, it will create a simplified version of the text and place it in a course named “My Simplified Lessons (AI).” The version is easier to read than the original.

I have seen instances where this feature is not available for a particular lesson, and I don’t know why.

Agreed, but the whisper stopped working for me correctly :frowning: idk why.

I really waiting for them to add a practice with ai function. When that happens this app goes to the next level.