Lingq daily Goal

What is the best daily goal for Lingq that is manageable? I am one step below the max and unsure if moving up a step will make a difference. I earn about 100 lingq per day.

That is really for you to decide what is best. Personally I don’t give it much thought. I have it set to the minimum. Sometimes I blow by it, sometimes I only get 2 or 3 lingq’s in a day. For me it’s not a motivator. I try to do whatever I can in a day that still allows me to enjoy the process. I’m in it for the long haul.

For you, you may find it a motivator, but don’t choose a number that will make you burn out. There is not a magic number that will make you learn faster…well, I should say there is not a universal number. You’re number is different than mine and anyone else here. If I tried to do 100 lingq a day, I would burn out in a day or two and want to take the next 5 days off.


Same here. If get going for a few days and want to keep my streak going (like now), I’ll go in and do my 13 lingqs per day to keep the streak going, but even that feels like work sometimes. Iusually try to get at least 26 in per day and get the “on fire” encouragement.

However, I really don’t care. If I spend 2 hours watching three Netflix episodes, I count toward my total learning. When I’m doing a 90 Day challenge, I just make sure I put in 1.5 hours a day doing Spanish; however it happens.

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