Lingq creation even easier

I have an idea for improving the lingq creation facility. The system could highlight with a different color the new words of an item when we open it. So, instead of dragging the mouse to mark the word, we would need only click on the highlighted word to create the lingq for it.
Of course, phrases and compound expressions lingqs would remain to be created in the way it is done today. An I believe this should be a optional function, like highlighting of already existing lingq is today.

That’s an interesting suggestion Ana. Of course, initially all words would then be highlighted which might not be so great…We will think about it, though.

Ana, perhaps I cannot really understand what you mean.

What do you mean with “new words”? I think, sometimes the system cannot know exactly which words are new for you. The number is an assumption.

In my opinion the working with an item is not to save quickly the words. It is more to look where are misunderstandings or unsurenesses.

The next is, I don’t like to save single words in general. The system offers only single word.

I agree with Mark, initially all “new” words were not good decision for me!

Irene, I do think saving all new words is a good thing to do. You should absolutely save as many words as you can. The system will learn which words are new to you over time. I just mean that when you first start, our system assumes all words are new to you which is often not the case.

Now I can understand better. Thanks.

I was thinking about an optional functionality, as in the case of lingqs highlighting, that you can simply turn off.
The system do have a guess of which words are new to you, since it counts new words in each workdesk item. If they are too much, because you just started using the system, you could turn off this highlighting of new words.
My idea is just to avoid unnecessary dragging.

I agree with ana-paula. Give users the option of having new words already highlighted. It is a good way to stream-line the creation of lingQs.

Another way to do it would be to have the system highlight the word when the mouse is over it. Then the user could simply click the word and the lingQ could be created.