LingQ crashing when trying to lingq a word

I’m having problems with this, especially when I have to mark several words for “lingquing”. I don’t know if other people are experiencing this but it’s quite frustrating. I am using Chrome.

@LaTartaruga - would you give us a bit more detail? What do you mean by crashing: you see an error, or it doesn’t load the dashboard? When you create a LingQ for a single words, does it work fine?

It would be very helpful if you made a screenshot for us. Meantime, please try to refresh the page (Ctrl + F5) to see if that helps.

Yes, this still happens to me occasionally, but not nearly as often as it used to. It used to happen several times a lesson, maybe 6 month to a year ago. Now it only happens about once every other lesson.

When I highlight several words at once, then hover over it, lingQ locks up - permanent hourglass. The work-around is to refresh the page, which reverts to the words being unhighlighted. Then I can highlight them, hover over them and get a definition like normal.

@Wulfgar - By chance, are you highlighting a group of words twice? There is a known issue on the lesson page that causes the page to stop working properly if you highlight a word/phrase multiple times in a row without clicking the “x” before making a new selection. This issue is on our list, so I’m just curious if your issue might be related.

Okay now I had the problem again, I was trying to lingQ a phrase (“Mark und bein” in this case). One of the word was known before. I’ve tried reloading the page, closing all the tabs and opening chrome again, but the problem several times before it works. Time I started changing to a different browser just for LingQ?

@LaTartaruga - as Alex has mentioned above, are you highlighting a phrase more than one time? This issue doesn’t seem to be related to a browser. It happens to me in Firefox as well if I highlight a phrase multiple times and don’t click “x”.

@ Alex - I’m not sure. Next time it happens, I’ll know for sure, and report back here.

This is happening to me much of the time that I try to highlight a phrase rather than a single word. It seems to hang at the point that i press ‘k’ or ‘enter’ to move the word to known or to lingq it… It can happen on any page, Chrome hangs, then eventually the option to ‘wait’ or ‘kill page’ appears, i have to kill the page and restore it to get going agin.

@stuartkc - just to confirm, it happens only when you try to create a LingQ/move to known for a phrase, correct? Does it work fine with using those shortcuts for single words?