LingQ crashing a lot on my iPad Mini (iOS7)

I’ve been giving lingQ a major work out these last few days. I’ve been listening to French LingQ podcasts and lingqing works in the app. It has crashed while lingqing 5x today over a 4 hour period… The problem seems to occur while listening and lingqing at the same time.

Hi! Do you notice any specific pattern of when the app is crashing? Is it crashing when tapping on a blue word, or while saving a LingQ? Any additional information here will be helpful in tracking down this issue.

Yes, clicking on a blue word, while audio is playing.

OK, we’ll do some testing here and see if we can figure out what’s causing this.

I’m actually at software test engineer. Let me know If I can do anything more.

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If your device is enabled for development then you’re more than welcome to send over the .crash files that were generated when the app crashed :slight_smile: Otherwise specific steps to reproduce this consistently would certainly help speed things along!