LingQ Counter broken

Hello everyone.

So I am a free user of LingQ and I am only allowed for 40 Lingqs.
Since I use a free account I never make any lingqs at all, to avoid reaching any limits.
Now today morning when I logged in, I had suddenly reached my 40 limit without making any lingqs at all.
So basically the system (broke?) added lingqs to my account and is now forcing me to upgrade,
since the limit is hardcoded (meaning, even if i deleted the lingqs i would still have to upgrade).
This is very strange as it never happened before.
Hope someone has a fix for this, until then I will try to invite a few friends to solve my problem.
Also my Account info tells me that I have created 57 lingqs, but when I go to my vocab page it only shows 15 like it’s supposed to,
so I assume something is broken in the system today.

Thanks in advance

I’ve figured out that everytime I delete a word it increases my LingQ count…

Hi! I looked into this and couldn’t quite figure out what has happened here. It looks like your limit in the back end is 20 - are you currently seeing 40 on the Account page?

Please send an email to support (at) and we’ll be sure to help you get this sorted out!

My account page shows me: Total LingQs Created: 59 | Limit: 40.
Because I invited a friend once.
The problem is that I have only 15 LingQs and not 59. ( My vocabulary page tells me I have only 15. )
I will send you an email.

Thanks for the help.

I have the same problem: 26 lingqs created , but they are just 4
Can you help me?

I have the same problem… None lingq created, none listed on the vocabulary page, but it says that I have reached my lingq limit and that i need to upgrade.