LingQ Cloze Test and a Variation

The LingQ Cloze Test works well as an overall overview because it culls clues from many lessons. In addition to that functionality, I wanted a cloze test whose clues came from only one lesson. I found a useful cloze test creator here:

The cloze test creator is fairly intuitive, results can be downloaded or saved for free on Lextutor, and especially important for me, the app handles Greek texts.

You can also create cloze tests with Hotpotatoes:


Thank you, Fernanda. I will give it a try.

The process of creating a cloze test using Hot Potatoes and the resulting test are quite acceptable.

Creating a quiz in Hot Potatoes is not quite intuitive, but (naturally) there is a YouTube tutorial (in English):

The tutorial refers to an older edition of Hot Potatoes, but the instructions work quite well for the latest versions. You also need Java. I used the Mac version, but I suppose the Windows version is more or less the same.

If you use the auto gap option, it’s quite easy and fast: just open Jcloze, paste a text, choose Auto Gap, write a number to blank any nth word, save it as jcl and then export as html to see it in your browser.

My example: