LingQ Chrome import 0: expected string or buffer

I’m trying to use to import news articles. They usually have an embedded Youtube clip along with a rough transcript. However, I am getting the error " 0: expected string or buffer"

Here is a link to a story I tried to import: Un pueblo de Italia libre de coronavirus | Euronews

It would also be great if the video could be imported too. It is hosted on Youtube, but it does not have subtitles.

Any way LingQ could get the extension to be able to import news stories from this website? Thanks!

Someone mentioned this for the German version as well. The only way currently is to copy and paste the text into Lingq. Then use something to record the audio. Chrome has some browser extensions that can do this and save the audio that you can then upload. I’m using Chrome Audio Capture.

A bit of a pain, but thought I’d give an option to use until they can fix it.

That’s what I was afraid of. I’ve been currently recording the audio with Audacity and copying/pasting the text but it is annoying. I will look at the audio capture extension - at least if that helps speeds things up that would be good.

Somebody already complained about the Euronews issue on other thread. We are looking into it and should be working properly soon.

it does speed things up imo, although admittedly I don’t use audacity often at all so I may just not be very familiar with the interface. However, I think it probably is a little cumbersome for this purpose and you’ll like the extension.