LingQ charging fees

First off I want to say I think lingQ is a very good language learning site that I would happily recommend to anyone learning a language and I’m enjoying the 6 month premium account I purchased. One thing that left a bad taste in my mouth was I was charged $67 plus for something that I thought was supposed to cost $60. My confusion was I assumed since LingQ is a Canadian company it meant $60 Canadian. I know the US thinks their the center of the world but I would’ve appreciated it if it had said either US or Cdn with the price. Maybe I’m just naive.

@teddy277 - sorry again for that confusion. You are right, we should make it visible on our price page.

The center of the world should be the place where we are happy :slight_smile: Sorry again. It is nice to hear that you like the LingQ language system.

@ Galina. You don’t need to be sorry. :wink: After re-reading my post I realized I came across as a little hostile towards the US. It wasn’t your fault for the misunderstanding. Its a shame our dollar is doing so poorly at the moment. I wish I bought a year membership on lingQ when our dollar was worth more than theirs. :wink:

Likewise with the Australian dollar!