"LingQ Certified Tutors"

“We are inclined to pay for the controversial ‘free lessons’ but we want to limit this to tutors whom we know are good. This has us thinking about creating a category which we would call ‘LingQ Certified Tutors’.”

Do you think that tutors without the certification are required to teach without any pay(points)? Are they required to do not-for-profit business at LingQ?

Can tutors without the certification use the appointment system free of charge?

Is LingQ a commercial site?

Was it a joke about an 'insignificant" issue?

Am I right in thinking that the “all members are tutors” principle requires such a dichotomy between qualified tutors and unqualified tutors?

" We could, for example set up a LingQ Tutor course with a certificate, … and charge 1000 …"
Is the above sentence just a joke?

As most of the European currencies have gone the way of the dodo, yes, it was a Steve special.

Argh! I didn’t get the joke! I haven’t been to Europe much since the Euro was introduced.

I did get that the sums mentioned, while sounding large, would actually be very small since the exchange rate for drachmas and lira was always over 1000 to £1 sterling.