Lingq cap too low to really give the program a try

I managed to go through 1 1/2 spanish lessons, when I was stopped by hitting the cap of 20 LingQs. Looking at my vocabulary, it looked like several of those LingQs were of words I did know, and I didn’t even realize I had made them. I tried to mark them as known, but that didn’t help. I tried removing them, that didn’t help. I reset my Spanish language settings to start over, and that didn’t help either. I would have liked to be able to spend more time seeing if this was a program for me, but I was quickly stopped in my tracks. Searching the forum posts wasn’t helpful or encouraging. It appears that once made, whether on purpose or by accident, they are there to stay. Once at the cap, you can no longer look at the definition of any words, whether LingQ’d or not. I highly recommend raising the cap to 100, or making it possible to remove previously created LingQs, to give the new users a chance to actually evaluate this tool.


I have just added 100 Free LingQs on your account so that you can test it further. If you need more, invite friends to join LingQ. For each friend who joins you both get 100 LingQs. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ. Enjoy!


This is absolutely correct. The free version is worth nothing. Especially when you are a complete beginner, 20 Lingqs are just going to be the 20 first words. It would be much better, to give new subscibers a 7 day free trial so they can actually check out the programm


Thanks very much for the extra LingQs! I’ve started again, and am slowly getting a better idea how well it might work for me.

I have the same problem - from the 20 LingQs only 5 were words I didn’t know. I removed them and now I am still blocked from doing anything. Nothing to review. I am unable to add more words that I know, because then the upgrade suggestion pops up. That was not even one session. Very annoying! It feels like the testing of the app ended before it even started.
What now? Do I wait to get more Lingqs or what shall I do?

Hi Zoran, could i please also get this option. I am currently undecided about whether or not I will subscribe. I had the same experience, I reached the lingq capacity before I even realised how it worked. Thank you.

After the 20 free LingQs, I still knew nothing about how this site works. In fact, I was primarily frustrated with it, for many reasons including those listed in this forum topic. So at that point I would never have referred a friend. Now that I’ve signed up for Premium, and gotten the hang of things, I have recommended it to friends – but of course, I now have unlimited LingQs, and so the 100 free LingQs from a referral mean nothing to me. For these reasons, this particular referral “bonus” has always seemed kind of pointless, and even a bit wacky.

Wouldn’t a free week (or even a few days) do a better job of getting people hooked and drawing in new paying users? It sure seems that way. But you all are the ones who see the stats and know what actually works. Perhaps the current system really is best. But (as shown here) it can also be frustrating.


I guess you either pay for Premium right now … or wait for one of the LingQ support people to somehow extend your trial. In my experience, they are kind and want you to be able to give LingQ a good try. So, I would recommend waiting for them to help you out.

But yes, the trial system as it stands is frustrating. What makes it even easier to run out of LingQs is that “Auto-LingQing” is usually turned on by default, as is “Paging to create LingQs”, and so with just a few clicks you can quickly exceed your quota. But even if it weren’t for these quirks, 20 LingQs is a tiny quota. Maybe if it were 20 LingQs a day, then you could at least come back tomorrow and try again. But no …

Forget it. The free version of LingQ ist completely useless.
The ridiculous low word limit is only there to force you to subscribe.
I‘m pretty sure most people won’t see any benefits using this system when they can only try it for a few minutes. before hitting the limit. Most people, especially from economically poorer countries, will not pay this much money when they can use other language learning tools for less and can’t even test it properly.
But you can search for “LingQ alternatives” on Google.
There are many good alternatives and even free substitutes (like LearningWithTexts or VocabTracker) out there. There are not so well designed and fine tuned like LingQ and YOU have to look for content on your own, but at least you save hundreds of dollars.

Yes, actually I just learned about this site today and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thing was after 20 LingQ’s it shut me down. I had no idea that would happen. I was hoping it would give me a chance to check out how this program worked. I agree, maybe a 7 day free trial would be helpful to find out whether this is something that would be beneficial. I like the concept of the program. As an educator (homeschool parent) I know one of many great ways to teach a language is by reading in that language.

I also wondered too if you had a family membership? We are homeschoolers. I have three children and myself learning a new languages. The price , $12.99 is good if it’s for one person, not so much if it’s for more then one though.

@Fedsie @ Bluejay59 I added 100 Free LingQs to both of you, so that you can continue testing.

Thanks, Zoran, this is helpful!

It does seem logical that a higher limit would work better and that is what we thought initially when we had a limit of 300 LingQs that were replaceable. However, when we reduced this to 100 LingQs that were replaceable we saw a significant jump in conversion. Eventually we settled on 20 LingQs that are not replaceable since that is the point at which we saw the best conversion. Somewhat counterintuitive for us too, but, the numbers don’t lie.
That’s not to say we don’t lose some people this way who might otherwise have upgraded. But, we make up for it if we do. It would be nice to be able to accommodate all buying styles but it’s not that simple.
That 100 LingQ incentive for Premium members is there mostly for the friend you refer although free members can refer friends to earn more LingQs as well.


wonderful - thank you!

Yeah, the 100 free LingQs are only useful for the person you refer to, as we have unlimited LingQs as premium. Though, if I have understood well, if the refered person upgrade to the Premium version it’s a win-win because you both make them discover this amazing site and also get some points as stated by the team :

You earned 0 points last month for referring your friends. You receive 200 points each month for all referrals who have upgraded their accounts. So far,you have earned 0 points from referring your friends.

So 200 points equals to $2 (or € idk whatever) and at 10,000 points you can get $100 of cash via Paypal, but even if you don’t reach 10,000 I think that you can use your points to get a discount the next time your resubscribe.

Yes, all is true except that you can’t use the points to get a discount on subscriptions at the moment. But, you can use the points to sign up and speak with our live tutors in the Tutors section.

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