Lingq bug?

I wanted to highlight a sentence lingq, but I failed again and again. Practically it does not retain the whole sentence that I highlighted but only in part. I tried a lot of times this operation, but always’ went failed. Always stores a sentence in a half.

Another thing I noticed that on lingq I can not store when it ends with the numbers? For example, if the phrase was: There are 3 cats, I can not save “There are 3 (because the last letter is a number)” but I can do only: “There are” or “There are 3 cats”?

Thank you in advance.

Does this happen when you are trying to save a phrase that includes some words that have already been LingQed?

By the way, the exclusion of numbers was intentional to prevent numbers from being added as Known Words – after all, that would make every number a new word! :slight_smile: You’ll have to highlight the surrounding words in order to include the number in the LingQ.

Thanks for the reply Alex!
Regarding the number, I got it! I will follow your suggestion!

However, if words were already lingqed I noticed it because, I see the underline (dotted line?) :). I wanted to highlight a phrase (slightly more than one line) but I I can’t record entirely … whenever I tryed, the phrase was rcorded partially: always at the same point (strangely the last letter is a number in this caseXD). What could be the cause??:frowning:

I’m not quite sure what you mean. Would you be able to make a quick screencast? You can download a free program called Jing to do this – the video would help immensely!

Thanks Alex…I captured on video and I sent you it:).

It seems the issue is caused by the dash in the selected phrase. I’ll add this to our to-do list :slight_smile:
For now, try working around the dashes :wink:

You’re right! I also found the same cause assessing other cases. In fact, it stops in front of: “”, (), [ ] or -, and also “…” and “.”:D.
Thanks again! I’m looking forward to being able to lingq it all!:D.

How great! I confirm today regarding ""and - have risolved problem! I 'm sooo glad if you could do the same thing with "…( Ellipsis) “,”. (period) “, “&”, “; Semicolon”, " Ampersand”, <<>>, and “all kind of Bracket including Guillemet” and “%”?
Because I prefer creating Lingq with sentence (I think it makes more sence… learning with context), this is giving me a lot of problems…Please!

@Cheese - I’m sorry but we can’t enable all of these punctuation types within LingQs because they cause other technical problems for our LingQ creation function. You will have to try and avoid containing them in your LingQs. I recommend saving words and short phrases and capturing longer strings within the Phrase box on the LingQ widget.

Thanks for the reply mark.
Hahaha, I imagined it:D.
I appreciate everything you and your colleague do to improve this site and I hope this will continue to develop more in the future. Thank you:).

Something related to this is the use of the geresh and gershayim in Hebrew. (׳ and ״) They are used inside words for abbreviations, changing of consonant sounds and other things. Certainly something to look into only when the language develops (at all hehe), but I’m wondering if these things will be possible one day. What do you think Mark?

@lmyirt - Almost anything is possible…it’s a matter of how much time is devoted to it. We would need to see a significant benefit to a significant number of our members…

You’re not really understanding my question, Mark.

I’m asking if it is technically possible. I ask this because of what you said in your last post “I’m sorry but we can’t enable all of these punctuation types within LingQs because they cause other technical problems for our LingQ creation function.”

You do not understand the answer Imy… To actually determine whether something is technically possible or impossible would require devoting time to the problem. We are not going to do that for now.

Every time I ask if something is possible and go out of my way to make it clear that I don’t expect it to be done right now, because I know it’s not priority, I’m treated as if I’m saying ‘Do it now!!!’.

I’m just curious as to whether it’s possible on the technically level - something which I hoped that the programmers would know about.

Come on guys, give me a break here. Just trying to help you guys be aware of issues and understand the future of the site which I do so much study on.

You question was understood. It is meaningless to say anything until we look into it. We are not going to look into it. In theory everything is possible.

@lmy - We understand what you’re asking but the answer is we don’t know for sure but I’m sure it is possible. If we ever look into the issue we can be sure but in the meantime this is going to have to do… Sorry.

No problems Mark.