Lingq blocked in China?

Can anyone confirm or deny?

Saw the thread a while back claiming the lingq forums where blocked, but didn’t think much of it. However, the missus hasn’t been able to use her account the past week, since arriving back in China.

Government haven’t blocked it, but for some reason the connection to lingq is extremely slow. The connection was perfect 6 months ago.

One can check it here:

All OK.

@iaing - We were getting several reports a couple of months ago I believe, but since then I don’t recall any reports of the site being inaccessible from China.

When I lived in China the internet censorship was amongst the things I hated the most about living there. I think one issue could be the ever increasing integration of websites with Youtube, Facebook and Twitter, all of which are of course blocked in China.

Thanks guys. I’ll put this one down to Beijing internet services.

Thanks nd71, that’s a really useful link.