Lingq App suggestion

Mark, is it real to make an ability to choose not only words but also phrases in the Lingq app? Now it’s only one reason why I should to learn on my PC instead of iPad or iPhone.

I agree, particularly for me in Polish where many verbs and nouns might be formed by two words. For example, uczyc sie, uczenie sie (I’ve left out the Polish characters here). I can’t highlight both words in the app but of course I can on the PC. And normal phrases would be great to be able to highlight in the apps.
Thanks, Max

Selecting words and phrases is something we would like to add to the app. I can’t tell you when that will be done but hopefully it won’t be too long. The only way to currently create LingQs for phrases on the app is if there are Suggested Phrases attached to a word.

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I’d forgotten that I’ve already commented on this in a thread. I’m still finding the App in the iPad/iPhone much less efficient than the PC partly due the inability to lingq phrases. Is there any progress on this?

@redstrat It is actually possible to create LingQs from phrases in the app. Just press and hold on text while you are on the lesson page and you will be able to select multiple words or whole phrase to create LingQ from it.

Thanks Zoran. Funny, I actually discovered this accidentally after I wrote the post last week. Not sure if it’s always been there or not but I’m glad it is; big improvement.