Lingq app stops audio once screen goes black

I like to listen at work and once I don’t touch my phone for a while the screen turns off and thus the audio stops as well. I swear this just started happening because I used to be able to continue listening once the screen went black. I’m not sure if this is the app or my phone. It seems to work with the actual website, but not the phone app. I have an iPhone 7 if that matters.

I just tested this with the latest app. It seems to continue playing for me regardless of whether the phone gets locked manually or automatically, and also regardless of whether the app is in the foreground or background when that happens.

One thing that did stop the lesson audio is a notification that uses audio (like a timer). In this case you have to start the app playing again manually.

@Rudem3 - I, too, have found this sometimes happens now. If I close the app and re-open it, it fixes it. We will try and track down the bug.