Lingq App on Amazon Fire

I may have made a big mistake. I got an Amazon Fire so I could use lingq more comfortably but the app appears completely dead or stripped down.

I am learning Chinese, and I’ll try to post some pics in a bit, but there are a few basic things that jump out:

  1. Fields are not even aligned properly. Lots of stuff is cut off and difficult to read.
  2. No pinyin or even option for pinyin. I’ve scoured all the settings to try to find it.
    3)No text to speech audio. If I click on 第一 for example there is no sound whatsoever. Neither for individual characters.
  3. No title for the lesson anywhere or number indicating where you are in the course.
  4. The dictionary either takes 5 minutes to bring up anything or I just give up waiting for it. It’s damn slow.

To be honest it’s the lack of basics like this that is surprising. Mostly I just want to march through the text and be unimpeded by having sound and pinyin readily available and not wait for the slow dictionary to look things up. I love the web version but after downloading the app for my kindle I’m a little disappointed.

I’m also a peasant who both cannot afford and refuses to buy an ipad so that option is out. I assume that app is better?

Cheers, I hope it’s just me making some mistake.


EDIT: I’m still trying, but also, it just seems to be slow generally. Just moving on from lesson 1 to 2, it just sits for extended periods.

Sorry about that! Yeah, we are familiar with issues related to Amazon LingQ App. We haven’t updated it in a while, but we hope that we will be able to work on it and make it fully functional in the near future.

Good. I’m using it, too, and having a lot of problems, although mine isn’t slow. I don’t know about pinyin, since I’m studying Spanish. Please ignore the letters at the end of this reply. My Kindle won’t let me get rid of them. It’sIIIIIII

I have been using LingqQ on my kindle and its nice, but I downloaded my LingQ from the Play Store. You can google “how to get Google Play on Kindle” and follow the instructions and then download LingQ from the Play Store. I hope this helps.