LingQ app entirely offline

Can we get a feature in the LingQ app to be entirely offline?

When I want to listen offline, I would prefer to be entirely offline. As it is right now, the listening part is indeed offline. However, when I open the app, it is still downloading the current first page. This sometimes causes delays, for example, when the wi-fi is on but not quite working well.

Additionally, the play of a given lesson in the playlist sometimes gets stuck in the middle. This happens randomly, so I don’t know if you can fix it. In order to deal with this, I have to go back to the main page and start the play list again. So, the total offline feature would help here as well.

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Yeah would be nice to be able to read offline, and then when internet is available again, sync lingqs created offline. Or at least be able to download certain lessons for reading offline, instead of having to download every time you open the app

Yes, that would be nice, but probably more work to implement it. What I meant for now was just to have an option to choose explicitly offline work. This already happens when you have no connection, so that would be very easy to implement.

For Premium users, all lessons which you 100% load while you are online, will be available for use later in offline mode too. And as soon as you are back online later, your stats will update on the server.
Just make sure to completely load lesson and audio while online.