Lingq app doesnt work at all

Hi, i upgraded the lingq app on iphone since the last versión didnt let me listen saved tracks on my playlists.
But this new versión it doesnt want to open. When i open the app it shows the lingq background and then it automáticly shuts down itself.

Please i need a solution since i only use lingq from the app. Thank yoy

I upgraded the app too (I use Android). I can load it, view texts and play audio, but it doesn’t save LingQs. The previous version did that on my phone, the error came with the current version. Hitting refresh, changing the language to English and then back to French, logging out of the account and back in doesn’t help.

And also, please make the app pause the audio track it is playing when the headset is unplugged, and resume or not resume (wait until the user turns the screen on and presses the resume button) after the headset is plugged back in (this should be tweakable in user options). This is normal behavior of many popular Android mp3 players: the built-in Android mp3 player app, Podcast Addict, Astro Player, Winamp, etc… It is really embarassing when I unplug the headset to talk with a person that approached me on the street, and after a few seconds I realize that my phone keeps chirping in French in my pocket, now through the speaker, so people can hear what kind of stuff I listen to.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app! There is an issue with the current version of the app that we’re working on fixing now and plan to release an update for soon. In the meantime, the best solution seems to be deleting and reinstalling the app. Then, when quitting the app, try not to close it from the multitasking menu, as this is one of the actions that triggers the app to start crashing. We’ll do our best to get a new version out soon!

For the Android app, we pushed an update last week Monday that worked properly, but things started to malfunction this past weekend. We’re looking into this now and will get this resolved hopefully within the next day or two.

Thanks for the heads up on the audio issue. This isn’t something that we’ve specifically tested, so thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look at getting this fixed in a future version so that when you unplug headphones the audio doesn’t keep playing!

I guess this will also help in the case when someone calls you while you’re listening in the Lingq app. It should automatically pause the track. Right now it keeps playing during the call. I need to minimize the call, open the app, pause the audio and switch back to the call screen.

I’ve found on the Android app that when I add a course as a playlist, sometimes the Android app will crash by simply attempting to open the playlist, or during playback of one of the audio items in the playlist. Not sure if that is related or might be resolved in an upcoming Android release. Thanks

FYI the saving of LingQs should now be working properly in the app. Let us know if you notice any other issues with this!

Absolutely, I’ve added this to the same to-do and we’ll get these fixed together.

Thanks, looks like this is an issue with courses that have a lot of lessons. In the meantime it might be a good idea to just add individual lessons to playlists. We’ll take a closer look into this and see if we can make some tweaks here to improve things for longer playlists.

Yes, adding lessons one by one helps to a certain extent, but very often there’s a trouble of deleting lessons from the playlist one by one, the app doesn’t allow to do that. I got around that by deleting the whole playlist and then recreating it with only the lessons I need. Being able to move individual lessons up and down within a playlist would also come in handy.

I would sincerely recommend to LingQ team trying and analyzing the functionality of Podcast Addict for Android. I use it to listen to podcasts of different radio networks, including those that are listed on LingQ as useful resources. There are so many useful ideas you can borrow from the PA application. Selecting a few arbitrary items from a list, manually flagging episodes/collections for immediate/further download/deletion, changing sort order in collections, etc. Basically, I would like iLingQ audio management functionality to be like that of PA, but restricted with only those podcasts that reside on, plus the ability to work with lesson texts, of course.

And also I would like LingQing multi-word phases functionality not to be completely removed from the todo list for the phone applications. It is useful even on mobile phones. I do appreciate related phrases suggestions, but less frequent phrases and collocations have to be entered manually at least sometimes, because no one has entered them before.

Thank you, now LingQing works fine.

Thanks for the suggestions! Note that you can currently rearrange items in a playlist by pressing and holding on a specific item. We are continuing to enhance the Playlist section of the app and will keep your additional suggestions in mind. Also, selecting of words and phrases through the app is something we are hoping to enable soon :slight_smile:

The latest version of the iOS app is available in the app store now. It should fix the crashing issue. Thanks for your patience.

Very good news. Thank you for the fast service fixing it. Finally can enjoy lingq again :smiley: