LingQ API doesn't work

I’ve tried to check the LingQ API, but it 'seems doesn’t work.

The method I used is described here (see link)


  1. I get API Key using link provided on the page (see screenshot)ApiKey.PNG
  2. I tried to use the first method to get languages (see screenshot)
  3. I changed the api key from the step 1. And the link now looked like this
  4. But result is “the page isn’t found”

Can you help me with this issue?

All screenshot are attached


Hi Ivan,
It seems that it’s an old version of the API which should have been removed. Sorry about that! During our migration to the new server, old docs were erroneously published. We will correct this soon!

Yep, I was playing with the API recently, and the documentation was pretty bad. It would be great if it could be fixed.


Can you provide me the correct RESTful interface for the folowing methods: