i was using lingq in IPAD IOS to study chinese all was good

  • download offline lesson good

  • audio sync good
    -the vocabulary that i want to study (lingq) stay in place
    but since i started using android harmoney os 4 all become a mess really a mess
    -can’t download offline lesson
    -lesson loading very slow with and without vpn

  • audio not sync with text

  • all my lingq vocabulary mixed and and new appeared , with phrases that i didn’t choose to study
    i’m using Huawei android with harmony os 4 in china
    NOTE : all my app that i was using in my IOS work perfectly in harmoney os 4 EXCEPT FOR YOUR APP LINGQ
    please help resolve this problem , or try to separate chinese language as standalone app in your lingq
    please help resolve thank you

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I’ll check what we can do here, and if we need to do anything to deal with the Harmony OS.

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