LingQ Android App not compatible with my device

I just got a new tablet specifically for reading and was hoping to use LingQ on it since I saw someone demo it on a sibling device on YouTube, but LingQ doesn’t show up in Google Play.

On my computer I can see

This item is not compatible with your device

The tablet is an Onyx Boox Poke4 Lite, running Android 11.

I managed to sideload the APK and install it that way and it appears to work. Would feel safer and more convenient to get it via the Play store however.

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This is not a tablet, but an e-reader.

You can download certain apps on e-readers, but all apps from the Play Store won’t be available on this kind of device.

You probably should have got a proper tablet instead. They all come with adaptive brightness these days, so the LED screen is not such
a problem for the eyes anymore.


Software-wise there is no difference. The device is running Android and it has the Play store.

There is no filter in the app store for “make my app available on real tablets and not e-readers” (I have several apps published in the play store).

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Not sure if there’s anything we can do, but I’ll check with our developers.

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@cowboyprogrammer not sure if you got this to work with your onyx, but i just bought a meebook m7 - which is very similar, and lingq works fine on it

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OK. Now, seven months later, did you get an opinion of your developers to pass to your customers?

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Can you use the website? I use it as it works for shortcuts (LingQ, please make shortcuts do multiple things; next, audio, translation).

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