LingQ and Youtube

I am starting to use LingQ again for studying languages. IT has been a few months since I have used LingQ. You guys have really put this platform on a whole new level with the ability to import youtube videos. Absolutely a must use tool. So incredible. I am so happy with this feature. I can now import a youtube video and watch it at the same time as I am learning and visually seeing the language and words I don’t know. Incredible. Thank you!


Which languages are you currently engaged in? Yes, seems like a complete system for doing a systematic language study.

Question from a beginner: who can you import youtube videos and how can you see the language?

Anyone can import youtube videos. First get the LingQ exstension on your web browser. Then go to the youtube video you want to watch. The LingQ import extension will ask you if you want to import the youtube video to lingQ and it will do everything for you. Once it is imported into lingQ it will have the video along with the dialogue out the the side of it!
Hope this helps.

Chinese and now I want to learn Korean ! :slight_smile: