Lingq and subtitles: best practices?

I’ve only recently discovered subtitles of films as a possible source of language learning material. I know there are people here who use Lingq with youtube videos, but my question is whether people have experience with importing subtitle files (can you copy and paste?) here.

Any suggestions? I just discovered how to find subtitles for all sorts of films in greek (via opensubs), and I’m excited to possibly have more importable content.

I’d like to hear some opinions on this too. Does the lingq software count digits or numbers as words in the “total words read” count for example? It seems a little too bothersome to edit out all the timestamps in the subtitle files in order to have a “clean” text file.

00:01:09,256 → 00:01:10,659
حسناً أيها الرجل الكبير
أنا وأنت إذاً

Will “00:01:10,659” and “00:01:09,256” count in the “total word count” ?

No, digits and numbers are not counted.

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I tried to import srt (subtitle format) files into LingQ. Nasty. There’s about 4 spaces between each line and there’s the number. I can’t find a way to make it look more LingQ friendly (you know, paragraph format). I asked this question here before and no one really had an answer.

Perhaps one can make a programming script in Python or something to delete those characters and letters.

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