LingQ and Kindle browser?

Hi! It’s getting warmer outside and it might be nice to LingQ outdoors at some stage. Has anyone used LingQ on an Kindle (with “experimental browser”) or other eReader? Or done anything with Kindle and LingQ together. I’m thinking about getting a Kindle…

I have a Kindle Fire, which is based on Android, and I’m fairly satisfied with the LingQ App.

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I meant any Kindle with the e-ink screen. Does the Fire work in sunlight?

I have a paper white kindle, I’m going to try it tomorrow and let you know. Thanks for the idea, I haven’t thought about it before

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I will try it but my expectation is that it will be terrible. Anyway, it’s worth a gandalf.

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Forget it.

Kindle browser is an experimental app. It is really slow and freezes regularly. It’s hard to browse even simple pages let alone big sites like LINGQ. I’ve used it a few times and never done that again.

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I’ve just logged in with the kindle.
When you open the browser it is very slow to load every new tab, it is slow to make the page down go down, the name of every lesson is small (but maybe it can be increased, I don’t know). Basically it is impossible to use more than 10 min with out putting it away.
The kindle paper white is only good to read books which could help since ebooks are cheaper and most of the classics are free. You can also search for free or paid dictionaries for your target language which makes the kindle very effective to improve your skills. I would still recommend it despite the internet open being useless.


Thanks keytinho and nex_us for the comments - what about the flashcard part? Even just for reviewing LingQs of the day? Is that too slow or messed up?

Maybe I’ll have to think of it as a complimentary activity. The whispersync for audiobooks looks nice, but I think they don’t have Russian content, and the Paperwhite has no audio.

Reading digital content outdoors in sunlight is the main thing I’m after.

It’s both too slow and messed up for any kind of online activity.

Kindle is a great device for reading books. Polyglots can make a great use of it if they want to increase their vocabulary and improve reading skills.

But it’s totally useless for internet browsing, really. Persoanlly I use my smartphone all the time and LINGQ Android app. It’s very useful any time I have some free time.

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“Does the Fire work in sunlight?”

It will sure make your hair less damp.

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I guess lingq doesn’t care for their members that have a kindle or android device, but they can spend all their time perfecting the Ipad version of the app. Memo to this story: Not everyone has or wants an ipad or even to afford one. The little buggers are expensive, and this is why I have a kindle fire.

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Yep. Internet browsing on the Kindle is a waste of time. It’s good for the Amazon store and Wikipedia only.

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I think the android app is pretty much equivalent to the iPad version now days. It used to be different. I don’t notice any particular differences. LingQing on a smaller device requires less hand movements and with sentence view I find it quite quick. I have an iPad and android smart phone but use the android more often for LingQ.