Lingq and E-books / Kindle

Hello there ! I would like to know if there are some e-books readers (such as Kindle for example) that are more ‘‘Lingq friendly’’, or at least more language learner friendly than others ? (especially for Japanese and Chinese learning)
Also, it is possible to '‘synchronize’ an e-book reader with lingq. For example, being able to read an e-book on a Kindle tablet (or any other) but to also have the Lingq stats and progress tracked/updated ? Thanks and happy new year !

You can import Kindle books into LingQ, but you’ll need to remove the DRM from it, which takes some research, but there are articles about it online.

LingQ and Kindle are of course two different companies and will not synchronize, unless you do it manually, which actually not that hard.

Kindle in and of itself is great for language learning – using LingQ though is very useful for look up speed, word tracking etc. so I’d recommend you use the LingQ interface to read until you get past the Advanced stages.

Just sticking with tablets and Kindle, in my experience, the e-ink Kindle readers are best for advanced, long form reading, but the Kindle App on the iPad is actually really good for reading where you need to look up more words, since the lookup interface is more responsive. But, as far as I know, the Asian language support of Kindle is non existent. You CAN read Asian languages on it, but you can’t look up words – last time I checked.

The Kindle store also lacks Asian native language titles. (At least for Korean.) The GoogleBooks store has more of those titles available. However, the GoogleBooks tablet apps were abismal for word lookup last time I tried them.

For Asian languages, I think LingQ is definitely your best bet for reading and look up functionality.

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