LingQ: Amazing!

I still remember when I came across The Was it either five or six years ago? I am not sure as time really goes by very fast. What I know is that using The Linguist has been my most pleasant and useful experience in my whole English learning process. It just made me improve a lot. It just made me speak English fluently.

After a while, turned to Wow! Even better!.I signed up for a LingQ account too, and even though I have not used it too much over the last six months , I am still a Basic member. I think I will be one forever.

What really surprise me is that LingQ, as a language learrning system, never stops from getting better. Anytime I log in, I run into either a new funcionality or a new added language or a new concept in order to facilitate people to improve their language learning skills. It just Amazing!

I just want to show my gratitude to the LingQ team. You have just build the BEST language learning system ever. Thanks you very, very much for everything!


Humberto, your kind words are greatly appreciated. We’re delighted to hear that you’ve not only benefited from using the site in the past, but continue to do so :slight_smile:
We’ll work hard on providing you and all our members with continually improving features and functions that will make language learning even more accessible :slight_smile:

It certainly is amazing. I owe whatever French I have to this site, and am not sure whether I would have learned it without it. My level would probably be far lower than it is now.

That is wonderful Chris.

Please, let me tell you that when I found The Linguist/LingQ I was frustrated to tears as I was unable to sucess in my English studies.

.After one year attending a very well known Canadian ESL School (which cost me about eight thousand dollar) I certainly could not bear any English conversation. I felt terrible.

Suddenly, I came across The Linguist/LingQ and everything changed for me. After only three months using LingQ site I became a very much fluent English speaker. It was awesome. It really was …

Thank you Humberto and it is great to hear from you again. All the best.

Aren’t you the Humberto from one of Steve’s Spanish podcasts? Nice to hear from you this way.

Hi SanneT … I guess I am … Nice to meet you too …

By the way, if you are interested in learning Spanish I will be more than glad to help you in any way you would consider. Just give me a call through Skype …

Bye …

Thanks for sharing Humberto. Stories like these are very encouraging.

You are welcome aybee77. I just want to let everybody who is interested in learning a new language know how helpful and efficient LingQ method was for me in order to acquire my spoken English fluency .

I liked the history of Humberto. I hope to repeat a successful experience in learning English )))))